Welcome to Buccaneer Blades, the specialists in providing junior fencing for ages 6 to 19 and adult activity courses.


• Professional Coaching
• Fencing for schools including After School Clubs and Curriculum Lessons.
• School and Inter-School Competitions.
• Junior Activity Courses.
• Club Level Junior and Adult fencing Courses.
• Stage Combat Courses.
• Introductory and long courses for youth groups such as:
  Cubs, Scouts, Brownies, Guides, Boys/Girls Brigade, Army, Airforce and Navy Cadets.
• Holiday Clubs.
• Children’s Parties.
• Corporate Days.

Our three levels of fencing give a wide range of options incorporating:
Mini Fencing, Midi Fencing and Club level Fencing.

Mini Fencing using foam weapons gives the very young a fun introduction to fencing and provides the first steps to Midi Fencing.
Mini Fencing is used for the very young school children and parties.

Midi Fencing using flexible plastic weapons designed in conjunction with the British Fencing Association and fencing experts provides a first introduction to fencing for 6 – 19 year olds.
Midi Fencing is used for school children who are capable of holding the heaver plastic weapons.
Midi Fencing is also used for parties and junior activity courses.

Club Level Fencing using full metal weapons in the three disciplines of Foil, Epee and Sabre.
Club Level Fencing is used for schools providing club level fencing After School Clubs and Curriculum Lessons.
Club Level Fencing equipment is also used for Junior/Adult Courses and Modern Pentathlete Epee Coaching. Electric scoring for Epee is also available.

Some people are attracted to fencing because of its rich historical heritage, some like it because it keeps them physically fit, many enjoy its emphasis on chivalry, but many people fence just for the joy of it – because it’s just plain fun.

Fencing is a sport of skill, strategy and finesse. Someone once likened it to, “playing chess, except it’s physical chess and moves along very, very quickly!”

The sport of fencing also brings many advantages for children.
There are many benefits to participating in youth fencing.

  • These ideals help children reach their potential in many areas other than fencing.
  • Children learn good sportsmanship and self-discipline.
  • They learn to compete independently as well as for a team.
  • They learn to enjoy winning and profit from defeats.
  • They become physically fit and healthy.
  • They learn to make complex decisions.
  • They analyze problems, and think fast.