Ancient Greece and the Olympics

Each of our History Alive Support Packages is designed with the teacher/educator  in mind. They are best used towards the end of the topic teaching when there is a good understanding of the basic curriculum points.

Having covered aspects such as the spread of the Ancient Greek Empire, Famous Greeks and their place in history and The Olympic Games we will help cement that learning, create a memorable event and pull together the seperate areas of the topic.

Teacher Resources:

Before the BuccaneerBlades visit we will provide age specific teaching resources in a format requested (Downloads, file attachments or hard copies) that will support the visit. These may include worksheets, posters, wordsearches, activity pro-formas and “kit lists” for the day.


We can deliver the 2 hour session within the school environment ( a large classroom or school hall), or at a suitable educational visit site (with prior written agreement). Eg. Museum, Sports Centre, Ampitheatre. We will be bringing a range of costumes and props and will require a “backstage” area.

Typical Session layout:

  • Short introduction given in costume.
  • Demonstration of Olympic sports and/or swordfighting
  • Dress-up and role play using our equipment
  • Work sheets – interactive with the environment if on a visit
  • Activities – Resulting artefacts theirs to take home. Eg. Olympic wreaths.

Please contact us for pricelists and availability.
Mbl: 07774 214830